Model 03 2 Seater Chaise

Your living room is your playground, so you make the rules. Introducing the Model 03, a modular collection for those who like to be in control; From two seats to ten, left or right corner, with or without an ottoman, it’s your sofa so you choose how you want it. Just sit back and relax, it’s time you built a sofa to fit your home and lifestyle.

The 2 seater left chaise is a combination of one left arm and one right arm module with an ottoman. An ideal setup for those with a smaller space who like to put their feet up.

The modules are kept separate and don’t use the Swyft-lok technology to lock together, this is so you have the flexibility of movement and transformation of your space. They also come with rubber feet which creates suction and stops the modules from moving.

Available in 5 colours, 3 velvet and 2 linen.




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